We uphold a continuous product development process, which centrally involves authorized noise measurements of prototypes as well as suppressors in production. Measures are always performed by an outside authority. The C-emphasis used in our measurements is the most standard one and the closest to the impulse noise received by the human ear. All our suppressors also comply with EU noise directives.


Our main products are Silentum and Noise Stopper suppressors which we produce in calibers from 17HMR to 50BMG. Our suppressors are made from high grade aluminum alloy. In addition, in Noise Stoppers we also use stainless steel. This allows our suppressors to remain light, but at the same time outstandingly durable and powerful.


Silentum and Noise Stopper suppressors can be found at well-equipped retailers throughout the country. You can also order suppressors directly from us.


More information on suppressors:



Noise Stopper

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