Noise Stopper

The Noise Stopper suppressors are manufactured from top quality materials. The Noise Stopper has a completely new, patented attenuation technique that ensures an outstanding attenuation efficiency. In addition, the Noise Stopper uses the excess energy from the shot (which emerges as noise and muzzle flash) and uses it to improve velocity.


The Noise Stopper suppressor is a new generation product, that offers a small size and weight combined with an astoundingly good attenuation and prize. The Noise Stopper suppressors are tools designed for very mobile hunters and sport shooters. They also reduce recoil and eliminate the muzzle flash. The Economic model of the Noise Stopper series is a reflex suppressor, similar to Silentum models.


Noise Stopper -suppressors comply fully with the attenuation values in EU directives.

Noise Stopper Sport

- Calibers 222 REM - 30-06 SPR

- Length 115mm

- Extends the weapon by 100mm

- Weight 350g

- Attenuation 31 - 22 dB

Noise Stopper Basic

- Calibers .30 - 9.3x62

-Length 250.00mm

- Extends the weapon by 137.00mm

- Weight 450g

- Attenuation 31-24db

Noise Stopper Hunt 2

- Calibers 6,5 x 55 SE - 375 H&H

- Lenght 168,00mm

- Extends the weapon by153,00mm

- Weight 455,00g

- Attenuation 24 - 32 dB

Noise Stopper Economic

Calibers: 222 Rem - 30-06 Spr

Length: 200.00mm

Extends the weapon by: 120.00mm

Weight: 390g

Attenuation: 308Win 31db, 30-06Spr 29db


- Threads: 1/2" x 28 and 5/8" x 24 UNEF 12-, 14-, 15-, 16-, 17- and 18x1.0

- BR-threads available by separate order

- 15x1.0 93x62 STANDARD (Not in others)

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